Saturday, February 4, 2012

Babe (1995)

Babe (1995) ★★★★★ 5/5

It is a simple story. A pig that thinks he's a dog.

Babe (voiced by
Christine Cavanaugh) is saved from the slaughterhouse to be used in the county fair for people to guess it's weight. A sheepherder (James Cromwell) guesses the weight and wins the pig. When brought to the farm, the dynamics of the animals in the farm are introduced and the animals all have their own unique personalities. Babe is taken in by a sheepdog (voiced by Miriam Margolyes). Babe knows to stay in the barnyard, but when he hears the sheep in danger, he runs to the pasture to see what's wrong. Thieves are stealing sheep and Babe returns to the barnyard to get help. From that point onward, Babe is welcome in the pasture and builds a strong relationship with the sheep. The sheep like Babe and do as he says, which makes him a prized sheepherder. The farmer takes advantage of this and enters Babe in competition where he goes from laughing stock to miracle when Babe successfully completes theLink competition.

This film is magical in so many ways. The special effects are amazing and you completely forget that animals really don't talk. Everything is done above and beyond expectation. The personalities given to each animal are done to perfection. From the dimwitted duck to the possessive male sheepdog. The moronic innocence of the sheep and the cunning evil of the cat. This movie is a complete opposite of Animal Farm (1954). The animals coexist in harmony. They know their place, yet at the same time, when one of them dreams to go beyond their place, they find help in achieving their goals.

Completely magical, heartwarming and enjoyable. There is noting to not like about this film. It is a film that children can enjoy, yet at the same time there is nothing childish about it. Babe is an ageless film and is sure to entertain and enlighten anyone who watches it.

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